Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Range.

Breakouts have been a huge part of my life since I was in teenager and now into my late twenties I still have the same issue, this has had a huge impact on my skincare routine as I am always looking for products that will help clear my breakouts.

I remember back to when I was around 13 or 14 when I picked up my first issue of Cosmopolitan magazine and my love for magazines began, especially the beauty sections. I remember flicking through all the latest glossies and always seeing Neutrogena featured on the pages, and thus my love for the brand began.

I love having products and brands in my beauty cupboard that I know work well for my skin and ones that I can always fall back onto, there's always something from Neutrogena in my collection.

The latest range to hit my beauty cupboard shelf is the Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Range from Neutrogena which helps to clear breakouts whilst at the same time preserving the skins natural barrier and helps to defend against future breakouts. I know that when you have breakouts the immediate thought process is to strip the skin and that in turn can make your skin even worse in the long run, it's important to treat your skin with blemish-fighting ingredients but at the same time it's crucial to look for products that help to protect your skins natural protective barrier.

My favourite products from the range have been the Visibly Clear Spot Proofing 2in1 Wash Mask which can be used as a daily cleanser or left on like a mask, even if I only have a few minutes for a mask in the morning I apply this to my skin whilst I have my morning coffee and hop in the shower to wash it off.

I have also been enjoying the Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Purifying Toner which I like to use after I cleanse my skin with a cotton pad, This toner has helped to keep my skin balanced and helps to remove any extra makeup or excess cleanser that has been left on my skin.

The range also consists of the:

Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Daily Wash, Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Daily Scrub and the Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Daily Moisturiser.

The thing I love most about this range is that whilst it works to reduce my breakouts and stops new ones from forming it doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or uncomfortable, I always believe that it's important to not over strip your skin of its natural oils and keep the protective barrier in tact.

The range is now available in Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and selected Pharmacies nationwide.

For more information on Neutrogena Click Here.

Simon x

*The products mentioned in this post have been sent to me via the brand/pr however all opinions are mine, every product I feature on the site has been tested by myself personally and these are my genuine thoughts on the products.
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