My Experience: Total Face Group.

For as long as I have had a skincare routine I have always believed in the power of facials and in clinic treatments, I am super diligent with my at home skincare routine but find that having regular facials can really help my skin to be at it's best.

I recently went into Total Face Group who now have a beautiful new clinic on Exhibition Street in Melbourne's CBD, for a treatment. I went in not knowing exactly what treatment I would be getting on the day but I had a chat with Jess and she did a thorough skin consultation and we spoke about my current skin concerns.

I told Jess that I had issues with the texture of my skin as well as congestion, my skin was also dehydrated from a lot of traveling I had been doing.

With this information she chose to offer me the Microdermabrasion and Hydrabrasion treatments.

I am a bit of a guinea pig when to comes to treatments and was really happy to have both the treatments done on the day, both treatments really helped to give my skin a deep clean and helped with the texture and tone of my skin.

I had a chat to Jess about skincare and she recommended that I included the Even Skintone Serum from Ultraceuticals into my routine as it will help with breakouts and the texture of my skin, I had used the serum before and have had great results from using it. It was my first time using the concentrate and found it to be really good at keeping my breakouts and texture issues at bay.

She also recommended the Ultra MD Ultimate A2 Anti-Ageing Serum which I only use at night and have found it to be good at keeping my pigmentation at bay and the texture of my skin even.

Along with those products she recommended the Ultra MD Ultimate Brightening Foaming Cleanser and the Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Mattifying, I have used both of these products before and really enjoy having them in my routine.

After my treatment I continued to see results, especially when combined with the recommended home care products.

Overall I really enjoyed the treatment and will definitely go back for another round of treatments.

For more information on Total Face Group and to find your nearest clinic Click Here.

Simon x

*Treatment was gifted to me for content inclusion, as always all opinions are my own.
*Main image provided by Total Face Group and Soda Communications.
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