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I being a guy who has been obsessed with beauty for as long as I can remember can definitely attest to having the right skincare products for my skin, I have an oily combination skin type and I like products that help to keep my skin balanced but still hydrated, I also like to look for products that absorb really well into the skin without leaving any sort of residue.

I have recently discovered Antidote Essentials and have really been enjoying the products I have been trialing, the products work really well for my skin and my skin type. They absorb really well and keep my skin nourished, they also help keep my skin calm when I shave which is always something I look out for in my grooming products.

I have been so lucky to be able to have a chat with the founders of the brand and below they have answered some questions for me, continue reading to read all about our interview.
First of all, can you give my readers a quick overview of the brand?

Antidote Essentials is an Australian made non-toxic skincare range that uses the power of natural ingredients to repair and improve skin quality. It’s a brand for men and women of all ages that are looking for a natural and effective alternative to a lot of the chemical-heavy mass produced skincare in Australia. 

Why did you decide to start your own skincare line?

We’ve always been quite health conscious and 5 years ago we were introduced to the benefits of a plant-based diet by a good friend. She really made us aware of how you can use nature and food to heal the body. Since then we became really aware of what we put in our body and on our skin - some of the ingredients in commercial supermarket brands are just plain scary. We were annoyed at having to buy our skincare overseas so decided to take things into our own hands and start making our own using local suppliers. What began as a hobby and passion project turned into a business once we started getting amazing feedback from family and friends who started using our wash and moisturisers exclusively - and ditched the brands they had been using for years. We realised we had something special and decided to launch the business. 

How did you decide on the name?

We love all the connotations that come with the word “antidote” Such as; remedy, medicine, cure, preventative…these are the words we associate with our range.

We love that you can improve skin issues such as acne, dryness and problem skin with quality natural ingredients. Pollution, stress, poor diet, hormones are common issues impacting peoples’ skin, and we believed that we have the antidote to these issues. We wanted to have a simple range that everyone can use. Antidote Essentials seemed to be a nice fit with what we were aiming to achieve. 

Do you have any advice for others who are wanting to start their own brand? 

Patience! When you are building a brand from scratch there are so many elements to line up before you get your products in the hands of customers. If you really believe in and love your brand, take the time to enjoy this journey, because it's so satisfying to see it launch and build into a business that people resonate with. 

You can’t ask too many questions! Connect with others in your field, share stories, lean on their expertise, learn from their mistakes (so you don’t make as many of your own!). And that goes for your customers too. Don’t assume that they are going to love your products. Get as much feedback on your products as you can. 

How important has social media been to you and the success of your brand? 

Social Media has been an integral element to our marketing and getting our products out there. It’s a fantastic gauge on how people perceive your brand. You can receive real-time feedback, engage in conversation with customers and prospective customers and oftentimes it's these social-savvy customers that are your biggest advocates. Some of our most-liked Facebook and Instagram posts have been from customer testimonials. 

Skincare is such a passion for many people. There is definitely a movement out there for more natural alternatives but people also want to use a trusted brand - that’s why recommendations from friends on social media has really helped our brand. 

Was skincare something that you have always been interested in? 

Of course! Who doesn’t want to look their best? Health and wellbeing has been such a key focus for us for many years. Skincare is wrapped up in this - your skin is the best indicator of your overall health. It’s especially important to us now that we have a young son which means we are a little more sleep deprived than when we were in our 20’s. 

Can you give my readers a quick overview of your daily routines? 

MORNING: cleanse with the WASH Activated Charcoal and follow with the FACE Moisturiser and EYE Intensive Cream. Having clean, fresh skin is a great way to start the day. The FACE Moisturiser balances the skin and keeps it oil free all day.

NIGHT: apply the WASH Activated Charcoal on dry skin and leave on for a few minutes like a mask for a deeper cleanse. This allows the charcoal to draw out the impurities of the day. Rinse with warm water and follow with the heavier FACE Night Remedy and EYE Intensive Cream

We use the SCRUB Face Renewal twice a week at night after cleansing. Due to the lactic and salicylic acid, we recommend leaving this on for a few minutes for best effect before rinsing off. 

Sunday morning is our time to relax with coffee and indulge ourselves with our FACE Green Clay Mask. 

I know it’s tricky but do you have any favourite products?

Paul: For me its the FACE Moisturiser, I’ve always struggled to find that one product that suits my oily/sensitive skin type. It's my go-to to keep my skin in check, balanced and oil free all day. I know the boost of vitamins and antioxidants will keep my skin in great shape too.

Michael: I can’t go past the WASH Activated Charcoal. It’s a must do part of my daily routine. I love the rich texture and the fresh smell of the essential oils. Plus not only does it give me a deep clean but my skin feels nourished afterwards, not like a traditional face cleanser that only washes. Oh and the EYE Intensive Cream is a must for me - it really feels like it's tightening my skin, all naturally of course. 

How did you decide on what products to include in the range? 

We always had a wish list of the products we wanted to launch and started with the ‘essentials’ - a cleanser, face moisturiser and eye cream. Once we launched and started getting great feedback from our customers, we brought the other products to market in the following months - a heavier night cream that was requested from day 1, a scrub and then the clay mask. We have some other products that we are currently testing…we just have to decide what suits the range best.

The brand has so kindly offered my readers a discount code, if you enter the code "ANTIDOTE15" at the checkout you will receive 15% off your order. *Offer valid until the end of October 2017.

Simon x
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