Review: Sali Hughes Pretty Iconic.

There are a few people in the beauty industry that have truly inspired me as a person, especially Sali Hughes. I first found out about Sali on Youtube and fell in love with her In The Bathroom series, I have always been really intrigued by what beauty products other people use so as you can imagine the series was perfect for me.

Sali is also a well loved Journalist, Columnist, Broadcaster and now Author and someone I truly admire for her honesty and in-depth beauty reviews.

Sali's latest book Pretty Iconic showcases iconic beauty products from all around the world, I myself have loved and collected beauty products for over ten years now and do have a genuine love for past and present products. As you all know as part of my job I am always trying out new products but I always tend to go back to those cult beauty products and love re-discovering products I used to use when I first starting getting into beauty.

I highly recommend this book for any beauty obsessives out there, to me it's almost like an encyclopedia on past and present cult beauty products and something to always look back onto for reference.

To me it is really interesting to see how products have changed over the years and how much of an impact they have had on people and their everyday routines.

Like I said earlier I really love Sali's take and opinions on beauty and this book has made a great addition to my collection.

For all you beauty junkies out there, this one is for you.

For more information on Sali Hughes Click Here.

Simon x

*The product mentioned in this post has been given to me for content inclusion, As always the review is 100% my honest opinion on the product. I read the book myself and this is my genuine review on the book. 
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