Product Review: Comfort Zone Sublime Skin Cream.

As the weather warms up I tend to take a more minimal approach to my beauty routine, I hate that feeling of too many products sitting on my skin on those balmy summer evenings. I tend to strip it back to cleansing, serum and rely a lot on a really good moisturiser to add hydration to my skin and keep it balanced.

My skin can be a bit fussy at times, It can get quite oily but can also be dehydrated so I need to make sure I am still using a moisturiser to make sure my skin stays hydrated throughout the day. The latest moisturiser I have been trailing is the Sublime Skin Cream from luxury Italian skin care brand Comfort Zone.

The thing I love most about the cream is the texture, it's lightweight and instantly absorbs into the skin but still manages to give my skin hydration where it's needed. As someone with oily skin I am always looking for creams with a light weight texture and this one definitely ticks all of my boxes.

The luxurious cream contains Micro and Macro Hyaluronic Acid, Extract Of Peony, Palmytoil Glycine and a Archi-Lift™ Technology that all work together to plump the skin, add hydration and over time will help to give the skin a more defined look.

I have really enjoyed using this cream, it has helped to give my skin hydration where needed and kept it really well balanced. I tend to use it at night and it sits beautifully on top of serums and oils, during the summer months I like to leave it in the fridge as it feels really refreshing on my skin.

For more information on Comfort Zone Click Here.

Simon x

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