A few weeks or so ago I got the opportunity to visit the team at Total Face Group at their Melbourne CBD clinic located on the corner of Collins and Spring Street, my first initial thought when I walked into the clinic was how beautiful the interiors were, It really looked like they had put a lot of effort into making the interiors look inviting and relaxing for their clients.

My first initial consultation was with Jane and we discussed my skin concerns and she explained to me the different options that they could offer me to help deal with my specific concerns.

At the time my skin concerns were pigmentation around my eye area, blemishes and a bit of redness through my t-zone. On the day we decided to do a facial peel to help combat the certain skin concerns I had, I got the chance to ask my therapist some questions about the treatment I received, here is the interview...

First of all, can you explain to my readers briefly what treatment you gave me on the day?

The treatment we administered was a clinical strength Lactic Acid Peel. This treatment is designed to safely and effectively treat congestion, pigmentation, wrinkling, dull and lifeless skin and also to help refine the pores.

Chemical peels are simple, taking less than 30 minutes, which will involve a solution being applied to your skin. Your skin will then regenerate and gently peel itself over the next few days, replacing your old and damaged cells with healthy new cells, revealing a younger, more refined and youthful appearance.

Why did you choose that particular treatment at that time?

For every client, we complete a skin assessment to analyse problem areas and client concerns. We then develop a targeted treatment plan to rectify the skin issues detected. 

In your personal assessment, we discovered in addition to your Fitzpatrick skin type, you also had a need to increase your cell turnover rate and skin hydration, while restoring and protecting your epidermal barrier.

With this in mind, we selected the specific chemical peel which would help to generate results and address these problems.

What products did you use throughout?

We used a range of products which have active ingredients to help generate results. The products we used include: 

Aspect Dr Deep Clean 

Aspect Dr Peel Preparation 

Aspect Dr Lactic Acid Peel 

Aspect Dr Neutraliser 

Aspect Dr Multi B Serum 

Aspect Dr Redless Serum 

Skin Medica Environmental Defence SPF 

What results (in your opinion) should I see straight after the treatment and a few days after?

Like with most treatments, there can be side effects. Straight after your chemical peel your skin may appear flushed and feel tight, you may also notice any pigment temporarily darkening before peeling away.

The next day your skin will look amazing, hydrated and fresh, however you may experience some mild flaking from days 3 – 7. During this time your skin is renewing itself, so about a week after the treatment your skin will look brighter and more refreshed. Congestion will have cleared and any epidermal pigmentation will also lift, leaving your skin really hydrated.

Should someone having this treatment change anything in their skincare routines or lifestyle habits i.e.: sun exposure, exercise before having the treatment?

Absolutely, this a clinical strength peel and all pre and after care instructions will vary from each client however as a general rule we ask you to please: 
Refrain from waxing, bleaching or hair dying for 5 days, 
Wait 2-4 weeks before any laser or IPL sessions, 
Avoid products with ingredients like AHA/BHA’s, Vitamin A for 7 days and, 
Use non-active hydrating products such as Obagi Hydrate and a minimum SPF of 30+ for 5-7 days post-treatment. 

You need to be very conscious of UV exposure, an SPF minimum of 30+ must be worn at all times for at least 2 weeks post-peel, however after a lactic acid peel you can resume back to your normal activities.

We do not treat clients who are currently taking Accutane medications – we allow the skin to recover from this for at least 6 months, Pregnant and lactating women are also not able to have the treatment. Anyone who has had laser hair removal or resurfacing treatments also need to give themselves two weeks until they undergo the treatment. 

Patients that use a topical vitamin A must stop using it 3 days prior to having a chemical peel.

What would you recommend for home care products?

Based on your skin assessment and concerns I would recommend the following products: 

Obagi Nu Derm: Gentle Cleanser

Nu Derm Toner
Exoderm 15% Vitamin C 

Hydrate and Elastiderm Eye Cream 

These products will help to correct and transform your skin to help address the signs of photo-damage (UV damage), restore cellular functions, promote collagen synthesis while lightening and brightening skin tone. 

I would also recommended Aspect Dr Multi B serum to increase and maintain your skin hydration while using our Skin Medica Environmental defence SPF for protection.

How often would you recommend having this treatment to see significant results?

While a single treatment can see some results, a series of 4-6 peels at 3-4 week intervals is usually required. They are also a great addition to prescribed skin care regimes and other skin and cosmetic treatments.

After having this treatment I noticed that skin was a lot more even toned which was my main concern when I originally went into my consultation, My skin also had a definite glow to it for the next couple of weeks also which was a bonus.

My therapist gave me some of the Obagi products to take home with me and I have noticed a significant change in my skin whilst using the products, The one product that has made the most difference to my skin has been the CLENZiderm MD Step 2 Pore Therapy Toner, this has cleared up the majority of my blemishes and has helped to keep my oil levels at bay.

I tend to get a bit of pigmentation (uneven skin tone and freckling) underneath my under eye area and the treatment I had really helped to fade any pigmentation I had a overall evened out my skin tone. I have also been using the Obagi C Rx products at home which have helped to maintain the results at home.

I would highly recommend Total Face Group to anyone, the experience I had and the service that was given by the staff in clinic was truly amazing and they are all highly knowledgeable on the products and services they offer.

For more information and for clinic locations Click Here.

For more information on Obagi products Click Here.

Simon x

*I was given the treatment and appropriate home care products for content inclusion, as always my review and opinions are 100% honest.

*Images provided by Total Face Group and Soda Communications. 
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