A couple or months or so ago I got the opportunity to visit the team at Results Laser Clinic at Northland Shopping Centre in Melbourne, My therapist's name is Nastassia and she really took the time out to talk to me and discuss my skin concerns.

As a beauty writer I'm constantly trialling new products and treatments which is definitely a bonus of the job but there are the occasions where my skin can break out or become a tad more sensitive, on the day I was looking for a treatment that would help with breakouts and just maintain general skin health.

I got the chance to ask Nastassia about my treatment on the day, here is her response:
1. First of all, can you give my readers a quick run through on the treatment you gave me?

We had the pleasure of treating you with an Express Microdermabrasion and Medik8 Acne Beta Peel, followed by LED Advanced Light Therapy. 

2. Can you explain the process of the treatment?

We started off the treatment with an Express Microdermabrasion to buff and exfoliate the skin. As the skin is gently stretched, the vacuum motion removes dead skin cells resulting in a refreshed and flawless base. A Microdermabrasion is a great pre-treatment to allow the Chemical Peel to travel deeper into the layers of the skin. This treatment takes up to about 10-15mins and is painless with minimal downtime. 

Directly after your Micro we applied a safe chemical solution known as an Acne Beta Peel. Using a combination of the active ingredients, Salicylic Acid & Dioic Acid we have just started the process of settling down your acne and to dramatically reduce the risk of future breakouts. Our specially formulated peel targets all three forms of acne: blocked pores, comedones as well as inflammation and assists with keeping pores clear of cellular bacteria.

Lastly we applied you under the LED Light (Lutronic Heallite), the ultimate healing light! In 13 minutes, energy waves are sent to help tighten and re-introduce effective hydration. LED Advanced Light Therapy can reduce your healing time by 50% and highly recommended post peel to minimise any recovery time and can be done up to twice a week to maximise results. 

3. Is there anything I should change in my beauty routine leading up to my treatment?

We suggest avoiding direct UV/Sunlight and the use of Retinol or Vitamin A in the lead up to your treatment as avoiding these will increase skin turnover.

4. As a male do you recommend shaving before the treatment?

If hair is present around the beard and area then yes! Shaving 24 to 48 hours prior is important so we able to treat the skin correctly.

What should my skin feel like after the treatment?

The skin may feel warm and appear a little pink within the first 2 hours, Also within this time your skin may feel slightly irritated. Redness or swelling will resolve within two week as new skin emerges and flaking may occur. You may also notice new blemishes - however this is a common reaction as the peel is bringing all your impurities to the surface.

Who is the treatment suited for?

Our Medical Microdermabrasion is most suitable for clients looking to even out their skin tone, reduce the appearance of blackheads and simply refresh their skin.

Acne Beta Peels are specifically designed for acne prone skin and may treat breakouts blocked or inflamed pores and pigmentation caused by acne.

LED Light Therapy is suitable for all skin types and suitable for those looking to repair damaged skin, collagen production, active acne and acne scarring, sun damage, enlarged pores, skin rejuvenation, dehydrated skin and uneven skin tone.

All three treatments are suitable for most skin types, although depending on a client’s individual needs we have specific peels to target different problem areas which we are able to advise you on when you visit us for your first complimentary skin consultation. 

What skin types can trial this particular treatment?

The majority of people are suitable for Chemical Skin Peels. Results laser clinic offers treatments for all skin types but we do recommend a consultation prior to any treatment.

What kind of results should I expect to see from this treatment?

Results can be seen after the first treatment, however a series of six peels is usually recommended in order to achieve maximum results. Each individual is different, and therefore ongoing maintenance will vary case by case. After your course of treatments you should be left with clearer, even and less congested skin. 

How long in advance should I have this treatment before an event?

We do recommend 1 treatment weekly, over 6 weeks (depending on an individual needs and what was prescribed in your consult). A chemical peel can lightly peel over the following 3-7 days post a treatment, of which varies per client so anywhere between 2 - 3 weeks prior to an event or special occasion is recommended. 

What do you recommend for homecare?

Within the first 24 to 72 hours we suggest avoiding hot water, strongly scented products, exfoliating and direct sun exposure. Whilst the skin is still red please avoid Retinal or Vitamin A products. You may apply Active Recovery Gel to the area to maintain moisture. Avoid the urge to pick! Do not try to remove flaking skin. Another tip for the first few days post treatment is to try and sleep on your back to avoid rubbing/aggravating the skin. Daily application of an SPF is also recommended.

My skin felt great after the treatment, it felt balanced and comfortable and had a nice dewiness to it. I had noticed a reduction in blemishes that I had at the time, also my skin had less texture to it and was more even toned.

For more information on Results Laser Clinic and to find a clinic near you Click Here.

Simon x

*I was given the treatment on the day for content inclusion, as always my review is 100% honest.
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