I know it's daunting but we all need to think about the ageing process at some stage of our lives, my mum actually asked me a few days ago how wrinkles occur and how we get dark spots and uneven skin tone and it really got me thinking about the general aging process. I told her it's really hard to pin point exactly why and how these things happen, it can come down to genetics, lifestyle factors and of course the products we use on our skin.

We can never completely stop the ageing process but we can do certain things to help prolong the process, things like eating well, sleeping eight hours a night, drinking water and using the right skincare products, that's where the Suprême Jeunesse products from Payot come into play.

The day cream (Jour) and night cream (Nuit) contains Magnolia and Orchid extracts, Carcinine, Brown Algae Extract, Wakame Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C which all work together to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles, remodel facial contours and helps to fade dark spots.

Payot Suprême Jeunesse Jour sits really beautifully under makeup and the Payot Suprême Jeunesse Nuit feels really luxurious to use at night as it forms a blanket like  effect over serums and or oils.

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Simon x
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