From working in the beauty industry for over ten years now I have spoken to a multitude of people who suffer from acne and breakouts, Im personally someone who suffered from acne growing up in my teenage years and even now in my adult years I still get the occasional breakout so I can understand how it can effect your confidence, self esteem and life in general. 

As a beauty writer I'm constantly exposed to products and treatments but every once in a while I get completely blown away by something and this is one of those cases. 

A few weeks or so ago I was invited to attend an event that showcased the Kleresca® Acne Treatment, at the event they had someone come in who had the treatment over a period of time and showed us before and after images and I was truly amazed by the results of the treatment. 

I know first hand how acne and breakouts can effect your life so anything that can help the process is a bonus in my books! 

I got the chance to interview leading Dermatologist Dr John Sullivan about the innovative new treatment, here is the Q&A:

First of all, can you give my readers a quick run through on 

Kleresca® is an innovative first in class BioPhotonic acne treatment. It harnesses, changes and enhances visible lights, which has beneficial effects for treating acne and settling skin inflammation. 

It is a painless, skin directed and targeted acne treatment with an excellent safety profile. 

What does the treatment consist of? 

Kleresca® involves the application of an orange light-active gel to acne affected areas immediately followed by illumination under a multi- wavelength high intensity in clinic LED light for nine minutes. The course involves treatments twice a week for 6 weeks. The light activated gel delivers a range of beneficial wavelengths of light into affected skin. This BioPhotonic treatment has been shown to kill the bacteria residing deep in the pilosebaceous follicle that causes acne (proprionibacterium acnes), reduces the inflammation associated with acne and enhances the skins recovery and healing response. There is no down time from treatment (just some brief skin redness) and you can immediately head off to continue your day. 

Who is the treatment best suited for? 

Kleresca® works best in people with predominantly inflammatory acne. That's acne with red papules, pustules and tender nodules. It does not work as well in those with mainly comedonal lesions (that is black heads and white heads). 

Should the patient change anything in their skincare routine / daily habbits i.e.: sun exposure, exercise prior to having the treatment? 

In acne it is important to use suitable skin care products. Cleanse twice a day and after exercise. In Australia it is important to always protect your skin from the sun’s damaging effects. 

When having Kleresca® treatment the main potential change in skin care would be to either avoid putting on make up before a morning treatment and/ or ensure make up or cover-up products have been removed prior to treatment, to prevent them from interfering with the transmission of the treatments visible light photons into the skin layers where they are needed. 

After treatment you can return to your normal skin care routine. No UV is involved and no extra sun protective precautions are needed. 

How will your skin look and feel after the treatment? 

Immediately after treatment your skin will feel warm and a transient redness or erythema can occur. This may last between a few minutes and up to half an hour. After a few treatments, treated skin area will often start to feel smoother. 

How long until you see any results? 

It will normally take around 3-4 weeks for acne benefits to become apparent and peak benefits may not occur until around six weeks after a treatment course has been completed. 

How many treatments would you recommend having to see a significant result? 

At this stage all controlled study and treatment using Kleresca® has been based on a twice a week, 6-week course of treatment. This has been shown in most people to significantly improve acne and lead to durable skin benefits. Most will however see benefits occur during the second half of the treatment course and many will notice skin improvements earlier on. 

Can you wear make up straight after the treatment? 

Yes. The gel is gently removed, skin cleansed and then normal skin care including make up can be utilized. 

What is your recommendation for home care after and during treatment? 

While having Kleresca® treatment you can follow your normal skin care program suitable for acne prone skin. At this stage combining Kleresca® with other prescribed acne treatments requires further study. 

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*Images provided by Weber Shandwick and Kleresca®.
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