But First, Coffee.

Being the true Melbournian that I am, I am obsessed with all things coffee, I live for that morning cup. I even enjoy using coffee in my beauty products as it has a multitude of skincare benefits.

Here are some of the coffee based beauty products I'm using at the moment:

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Sukin Energising Body Scrub in Coffee & Coconut: First of all, can we take a second for the tube packaging? Also the product has a creamy type consistency to it making it easy to add to your loofah and give yourself a good old scrub. It's the perfect cream to scrub ratio, without being to harsh on the skin. It contains Walnut Shell, Coconut Extract, Coffee Seed Extract and Sesame Seed Oil which all work to exfoliate and nourish the skin. Cleo & Marc Solid Coffee Scrub Bar: I was really intrigued by this product when I first read the press release, first of all the product comes perfectly packaged in an easy to use container and is actually solid which means that it can be applied all over the body for a nice exfoliation, the bar contains ingredients that help to hydrate and nourish the skin. As I said earlier it's really easy to use, especially when you travel as often as I do. Lush Cup O' Coffee Exfoliating Mask: This product is great to use as a mask but also gives your skin a nice exfoliation after rinsing, also smells absolutely amazing. Frank Body Body Cream: A body cream that smells like icing, yes please! This body cream is so lush and super hydrating and nourishing for the skin. The perfect addition to use after your preferred coffee scrub.

So, how do you take your coffee? And what are your favourite coffee based products?

Simon x

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