Sunday Riley is a brand that I have been using for the past couple of years now, it's a brand that I really enjoy using and my skin seems to get on with the products really well. Don't you just love it when you find a brand where the products just work in sync with your skin? Every single product I have tried from the range has made some sort of significant difference to my skin, in the best possible way.

One of the first products I ever tried from the range is the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser, for me personally cleansers are the easiest thing to test when it comes to testing products for my site, I can instantly tell if I like one after the first use and from the first use of this product I was instantly hooked.

The brand states that the cleanser is suitable for those with normal to oily skin, I personally have a more oily skin type so this cleanser is perfect for my skin. It contains French Green Clay and Moroccan Rhassoul Clay which works to purify the skin and draw out any dirt and impurities that have been built up during the day or at night when you sleep, It also contains one of my personal favourite skincare ingredients Vitamin C which is really good at brightening the skin, it also contains Black Pepper which works to tighten pores and increase the skins natural collagen production.

The cleanser contains essential oils of Frankincense, Jasmine and Sandalwood so you can imagine how amazing it smells and how luxurious it feels on the skin.

I love using this whilst I'm travelling as it removes makeup really well without causing any irritation to my eyes, I know that everyone is different in that regard but for my personally I can use it right around my eyes without it causing any sensitivity. For an oily skin typed person like myself I love that the product contains different types of clays which work really well at purifying the skin, you really feel like you have had a good deep clean after using this but my skin has never felt stripped.

One of my other favourite products from the lineup Good Genes can actually be mixed in with the cleanser and left on like a mask and then rinsed off for a flash facial, this leaves the skin absolutely glowing and well prepped for the products that follow.
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In Australia Sunday Riley Products are available from Mecca Cosmetica, to visit their website Click Here.

To visit the Sunday Riley website Click Here.

Simon x

*The above product was sent to me from the brand, my review is 100% honest and this is my genuine opinion on the product. For more information head to my disclaimer at the top of my site.

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