A few months ago I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Miss Vitality which is a brand that has a whole range of supplements and teas that work to compliment your beauty routine, confirming the fact that beauty really does come from within.

This year I have been really enjoying adding things like supplements, green powders and tea into my routine and I feel like they have made a significant difference to my overall health but also has had a noticeable difference on my skin also, which is always a bonus in my books!

The first products I tried from the range was the Resveratrol which is an anti ageing ingredient that I already use in my skincare products so its nice to know I'm getting an extra dose of it, Resveratrol is a powerful anti ageing ingredient that contains antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. It also helps with joint health and helps to defend against free radical damage. 

The second product I tried from the range is the Co-Enzyme Q10, these tablets contain ingredients that help to maintain healthy cells and helps in the skins natural repair process and skin aging.

The product I was most excited to trial from the range is the Clean Tea which contains a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that all help to cleanse and detox the body. I really love drinking this tea at night as I feel like it really detoxifies my body, and keeps any sugar cravings I have at bay.

The latest product I have incorporated into my routine is Elevate which is a green powder that contains a blend of organic green and red phytonutrients, I really love adding a green powder like this one into my smoothies or just into a glass of water on a daily basis as I feel like my body is getting the nutrients that it needs.

For more information on the brand and for stockist information Click Here.

Simon x

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