As a content creator I'm exposed to products on a daily basis but there comes a time when I'm completely blown away by a product, that was the case with the products from KhairPep. I was lucky enough to attend an information session about the brand and I was really interested and excited to trial the products.

The line consists of two products, one being the KhairPep Transforme Leave In Serum and the second being the Masque with K18Peptide. The products in the lineup focuses on an ingredient called K18Peptide which works to strengthen the hair and repair any damage that has been caused.

Side note: After my first use my hair was instantly in better shape and had a definite shine to it, I also continued to see results even after washing my hair days later.

Since the product contains a Peptide it can enter deep down into the hair making it super effective, strengthening and repairing. The best way to use the product is too shampoo your hair but don't use conditioner, as soon as I get out of the shower I spray the serum into my hair and brush it through, I then leave it in for a few minutes and apply a small amount of the mask and either blow dry or let my hair dry naturally.

I have a really bad habit of pulling my hair (terrible I know) but the thing I loved most about this product is how elastic it made my hair feel which in turn stopped me from pulling it so much, it also made my hair feel a lot smoother and shinier which is always a bonus in my books!

Our hair is exposed to a lot, things like colouring, bleaching, heat treatments etc so it's really important that we are using a product like this that will help to repair the hair.

I have seen a significant difference in my hair whilst using these two products in conjunction with each other, I seriously don't know how I ever lived without them.

In Australia KhairPep is distributed by Luxury Beauty Concepts, Click Here  to visit their website more information.

Simon x

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