I know that by now your all probably used to me talking about the traditional beauty products like cleansers, serums brow gels etc but beauty doesn't end there, to me beauty is the whole picture lifestyle, what you eat and in this scenario how you take care of your teeth. My teeth have always been a bit of a soft spot for me, I have never been really happy with how they are but when the team at Hi Smile contacted me I felt as though they made a solution to my problem.

Of course I brush my teeth everyday but let's be honest I'm sure that we would all like our teeth be that little bit whiter, that's where the Teeth Whitening Kit from Hi Smile comes into play.

The kit in question comes with a gel that contains Sodium Bicarbonate which works as a whitening agent that removes plague and stains that have been embedded into the tooth's surface and works to dissolve it. In the kit you also receive a LED light device, once you attach the enclosed mouth guard to the device you evenly distribute the gel around the mouthpiece put it into place and turn the light on. 

The gel also contains a light activated catalyst which helps the gel breakdown its bleaching radicals quicker in conjunction with the LED light, the product aims to give you whiter teeth in just 10 minutes.

All in all I found the kit really easy to use and felt that the gel in conjunction with the LED light made a significant difference to my teeth, my teeth looked instantly whiter after the first use and I'm looking forward to seeing continued results.

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