For those who don't know my skin leans more on the oily / combination side, I tend to get quite oily in the t-zone and the rest of my face seems to be more normal / dry. I tend to get really oily right after I shave too so I like to have products in my beauty cupboard that will help to control that.

QV is a brand that I have used for quite sometime now as it is formulated for sensitive skin and I like to keep products like that in my beauty cupboard for those times when I have a flare up, now the brand has introduced two new products in their lineup that not only is suited for sensitive skin but also is targeted for those with oily / combination type skin.

QV Face Oil Free Moisturiser:
The thing I love most about this moisturiser is how lightweight it is, and how easily it sinks into the skin and if your a guy reading this then you know the importance of things absorbing into the skin without leaving any sort of residue. This product also leaves a matte finish on the skin which I personally love, and ladies it makes the perfect base for makeup application.

It contains ingredients like Glycerin which is a humectant that draws water into the skin and holds it there, Avemide 15 works as an anti irritant, Witch Hazel works to tone and cool the skin, Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) which works to maintain normal skin barrier function and improves skin tone and texture, I always like to incorporate Niacinamide into my routine and Pro Vitamin B5 maintains skins softness and elasticity, it also works to maintain hydration levels and reduces transepidermal water loss.

The moisturiser can be used morning and or night and sits beautifully under serums, oils and even sunscreens. Like I said earlier it's really lightweight and leaves the skin with a matte finish.

Gentle Foaming Cleanser:
Im not gonna lie I do love a good foaming cleanser, keep in mind that I have an oilier skin type so I do love abit of a foam. For me personally this one doesn't dry my skin out, of course everyones skin is different but this product just works for my oily / combination skin type.

It contains ingredients like Glycerin which works to condition the skin and maintain it's hydration and elasticity levels, Panthanol (Pro Vitamin B5) maintains the softness and elasticity of your complexion, Safflower Seed Oil contains high levels of Linoleic Acid which provides moisturising benefits and Vitamin E works to smooth out rough skin and also works to improve skins elasticity.

I would use a cleanser like this as a first cleanse in the morning or as a second cleanse after makeup removal, I love the convenience of foaming cleansers they rinse of the skin instantly and don't leave any sort of residue on the skin, super easy to use.

For more information on QV Click Here.


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