I'm really lucky that as part of my job I have had the opportunity to experience various in clinic treatments and I suppose you could say by now I know my way around a beauty clinic. The latest clinic to hit my radar is Claire Francoise's Skin and Beauty Clinic.

The first thing ill say about the clinic is how lush the interiors are, as soon as I walk into the light filled space I feel instantly relaxed. Claire explained to me that she wanted to create a beautiful space but still wants to provide the clientele with in clinic treatments like microdermabrasion, light therapy, skin needling and various peels and skin treatments.

Whenever I first go to a facial clinic I always let the therapist have a look at my skin and recommend a treatment for me, here is what Claire did for me on the day:

Double cleansed the area – Aspect Purastat 5

 Used peel prep to degrease the skin (Aspect)

First pass of machine was with the diamond head to break up the superficial dead skin build up and deglogg the pores

Second pass was with the Diamond head& water to flush the pores keeping them hydrated whilst sucking up the dead skin/oil and debris

Then I massaged the skin with a fruit enzyme (Societe) to pick up any left over debris

Finished with B17/Hydrating serum (Aspect) & Reflect (Cosmedix)

After the treatment I noticed my skin had a nice glow to it and instantly looked more even, Claire was also really good at extractions and getting rid of any congestion in my skin, my skin was a lot smoother after my first treatment with her.

I would highly recommend Claire's clinic, stay tuned for Part 2.

For more information on Claire Francoise Skin and Beauty Clinic Click Here.


*Images provided by Claire Francoise Skin and Beauty Clinic.
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