The Skin Boutique: Vitamin Infusions.

As part of my job I am so lucky that I have had the chance to experience a whole host of treatments at various clinics around Australia, in doing this I know which ones work for the best for me and also I have formed crucial relationships with the salon owners and trust them with my skin. I have a lot of favourite clinics one of them being The Skin Boutique, The staff are friendly and really knowledgeable about all things health and beauty and are willing to help with any concerns you may have.

One of the treatments they offer are the Vitamin Infusion Treatments which work to deliver specialised serums which contain ionised vitamins and active anti oxidants into the skin. Ultrasound vibrations and gentle electrical currents work to disrupt the skins barrier which in turn allows the ingredients to absorb deeper into the skin, as a result skin is hydrated and refreshed.

When the skin is hydrated it has that natural lit from within look, I also believe that when the skin is hydrated it works to it's best ability and allows the products that you put into it work to their best ability. The treatment also uses Environ IONZYME Technology which infuses active vitamins and active anti oxidants into the skin.

Here is an article in collaboration with me and The Skin Boutique:

No longer just the domain of athletes seeking maximum performance, Peptides are being used in skin care treatments that are designed to maximise your skin fitness. Delivered by way of vitamin infusion treatments, these treatments are at the forefront of scientific skin care and deliver vitamins, antioxidants and peptides into the skin via sound waves and galvanic current - also known as sonophoresis and iontophoresis. The Environ Ionzyme DF11 Machine provides this dual method of product infusion into the skin. 

 I personally have issues with texture on my skins surface, from time to time I get small white bumps around my face and what this treatment is designed to do is repair the texture and also the colour of your skin. The treatment also helps with the production of collagen and elastin, as a result the skin will feel a lot firmer, and even know I'm only 25 I want my skin to look as firm as possible! I get small fine lines around my eyes and this treatment would be perfect for me as it will help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, sign me up!

Like I said earlier the vitamins are infused into the skin and this helps to better control things like pigment production and hydration in turn this will help to revitalise dry and dull skin. It will also help to normalise blood flow and work to properly oxygenate the skin.

I don't go to the gym but I feel like a visit to The Skin Boutique really helps to keep my skin and body in tip top shape.

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