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My skin changes all the time, especially from season to season. Most of the time I have combination skin, a bit oilier in the T-Zone and a bit drier on the cheeks and the rest of my face, although I have noticed that as I'm getting older that my skin is leading more towards the drier side and sometimes needs a bit of a hydration boost.

This is where the ULTRA FACIAL DEEP MOISTURE BALM from Kiehl's comes into play, the product utilises the extract of Edelweiss Flower which is one of the most resilient flowers on the planet.

Here is some information from Kiehl's about dry skin:

Dry skin, which can appear as dull, rough and uneven affects men and women around the world. In fact, as many as 78% of women in France, 70% in the US, 69% in Japan and 65% in China as well as 60% of men in China, 45% in the US and 37% in France cite it as a concern. To address this need, Kiehl’s Since 1851 introduces its new hydration innovation, Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm featuring the extract of one of the most resilient flowers on the planet, the Edelweiss Flower.

From this information it's clear to see that dry skin is a concern for a lot of people which is why Kiehl's wanted to create a product like this one to help add an extra boost of moisture and hydration to your skin. As well as the Edelweiss Flower Extract the balm also contains ingredients that are also found in the brands iconic Ultra Facial Collection, Antarcticine and Squalane which stores and retains moisture. Our skin goes through a lot on a daily basis, things like air-conditioning, heaters, long car / train journeys, change in weather etc so it's important that we are adding as much moisture and hydration to the skin as possible.

I had a weekend away a couple of weeks ago and my skin was a bit dehydrated from the long car journey there and back, putting this cream on at night really helped to inject moisture back into my skin. Even if your someone like me with an oilier skin type this balm seems to sink into the skin instantly while leaving a moisturised feel to the skin.

I even liked using this cream applied sparingly under the eye area, as I have really dry skin under my eyes it really helped to hydrate that area. I like to also use it as a lip balm and hand cream when I need that extra dose of moisture.

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