I know that you all know me as someone who is obsessed with skincare (see what I did there?) but my second love is most definitely fragrance, I would never ever leave the house without fragrance on, the thing I love most about it is how it can instantly bring back certain memories instantly. One of the fragrance brands that for me personally have consistently brought out amazing fragrances has been Balenciaga, I love the quality of the fragrances and I know that everyone is different when it comes to fragrance but for me they last on my skin all day and seem to just naturally blend into the skin.

The latest launch from the house of Balenciaga is B. Balenciaga Skin which is a follow up to the previous fragrance B.Balenciaga. 

Fragrance Notes:

TOP: Green Tea, Lily of the Valley, Green Edamame Accord 

HEART: Peony, Orris, Ambrette Seed

BASE: Cedarwood Heart, Vetiver, Cashmere Wood

To me the fragrance is a very clean smelling fragrance, kind of like cotton or freshly washed linen but mixed with a hint of floral, it also has a bit of mystery to it which is the thing I love about balenciaga fragrances, there is always a sort of unusual (in a good way) scent to them. I feel like it's a really easy fragrance to wear, you just chuck it on and it seems to blend into whatever your wearing and doing on that particular day, I like how clean the fragrance is, it makes it the perfect scent to wear on a daily basis.

In Australia Balenciaga fragrances are available at selected Myer, David Jones and Selected Pharmacies nationwide.


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