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Kiehl's Oil Eliminator Range.
I'm going to share something with you dear reader, by the end of most days my face tends to turn into an oil slick, especially when I have just shaved for some reason my skin gets quite oily so I'm always looking for products to control the oil production in my skin.

And that's where the Oil Eliminator Range from Kiehl's come into play...

The Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash contains Crushed Apricot Seeds which work to exfoliate the skin and Salicylic Acid works to deeply cleanses the pores and helps to eliminate acne and blemishes.

The next step in the routine is the Oil Eliminator Refreshing Shine Control Spray Toner which is probably my favourite product in the lineup, it's a refreshing spray toner that contains Glycerin which adds moisture to the skin and Menthol works to cool the skin. I love the smell of this toner it smells really refreshing and really wakes me up in the morning, I like using it throughout the day and also on top of makeup to keep it looking fresh.

To finish off your oil eliminating routine is the Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Anti - Shine Moisturiser, which is an ultra light weight moisturiser that absorbs instantly and claims to keep your skin shine free for 24 hours.

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