Philosophy has been a brand that has had a regular occurrence in my beauty cabinet for the past few years now and the thing I love most about the brand is that the products just do what they say on the packet, and do it well. I just find the products really easy to use and it's nice to have those products in your routine that you can grab in a hurry and know will just work for you. Regular readers of my site will know how much I love Vitamin C as an ingredient in my skincare products, I probably use Vitamin C more than anything else, it just does wonders for my skin. You can all imagine my excitement when this one from Philosophy hit my desk.

The product in question is the Turbo Booster C Powder from Philosophy which is a Vitamin C product but in the form of a powder as opposed to a serum, there are a few things I love about this product:

First of all it comes in a dark brown bottle which means it's more difficult for UV light to penetrate, helping the product remain stable and also as potent as possible. Secondly like I said earlier it comes in the form of a powder which you mix into a serum or moisturiser with the enclosed spoon that comes with the product, I find that because it's in a powder form and you mix it yourself it's just that bit fresher and I feel like it works to it's best ability.

The product contains a 99.8% High Potency Topical Vitamin C Powder which works to protect the skin from environmental aggressors and helps to even and brighten skin tone. I know that skincare is different for everyone and everyone will have different results when using a product like this or Vitamin C in general but for me personally I find that when I use products with it in my skin is more balanced and it seems to keep my blemishes at bay.

I like to use this product preferably in the morning mixed into either another serum or my moisturiser.

For more information on Philosophy Click Here.


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