Cosmetics 27 is a brand that I have recently been introduced too, and I'm so glad that I have been, I have really enjoyed adding the products into my routine, they really help to brighten my skin and keep it hydrated and nourished. 

Here are some of the products I have been loving from the range...

Cleanser 27:
This is a balm cleanser that is best applied to dry hands and then massaged onto a dry face and emulsified with water, it can be used for both makeup removal and skin cleansing but I personally like using it as a second cleanse after I have removed my makeup. It contains a combination of butters and oils like Macadmia Oil, Sesame Oil, Shea Butter and Macroloba Butter which all help to hydrate and nourish the complexion, Bisabolol and Chamomile extracts help to calm sensitive skin. The product contains exfoliating properties by using Bamboo Extract in a Micro Powder Form which provides a natural exfoliation that will help to speed up the skins natural renewal process.

Whenever I use this cleanser it gives my skin an instant glow, it's quite a thick balm consistency but as soon as its massaged onto the face and emulsified with water it instantly turns into a milk and rinses off instantly, my skin feels really hydrated and nourished after using this balm.

Essence 27:
Regular readers of my website will know how much I love an essence so I was very happy to include this one into my routine, this one works to moisturise the skin and enhances the cell tone of your complexion, it helps to protect the skin from environmental stresses and works as a great base for the products that you use after it.

It contains ingredients like 2 Plant Based Hyaluronic Acid Salts which work to rehydrate the skin and retain moisture levels, Lysine, Vitamin C, Lemon Balm and Lettuce Water. The essence is an essential product in the Cosmetics 27 lineup as it helps with dehydrated and overworked skin.

Huile 27:
Lately I have been getting into using a face oil at night and I am so happy that this one is now in my life, it delivers nutrients deep into the skin and works to hydrate, nourish, regenerate and protect the skin. The oil contains a blend of 7 Natural Vegetable Oils and Centella Asiatica which is a signature of the brand, combined with Macadamia Oil which works as an essential fatty acid and contains anti ageing and antioxidant properties.

Sesame Oil is rich in Vitamin E and works as an antioxidant which helps the skin protect itself against free radical damage, Safflower Oil, Hibiscus Seed Virgin Oil and Echium Oil all contain essential fatty acids (Omega 6 and Omega 3), to reinforce the skins barrier and limit water loss, Carrot Oil helps to brighten the complexion.

Baume 27:
The only way I can describe this product is that it is LUSH, it's like a soufflé type consistency and instantly hydrates and nourishes my skin, it contains 4 types of collagen and proteoglycans, it is also a antioxidant protector that helps to combat oxidative agents and free radicals that contribute to aging skin.

It contains ingredients like:
MA2 Complex (Asiaticoside, Madecassoside, Asiatic Acid), Shea Butter, Sesame Oil, Peptides (Lysine, Arginine, White Birch extract, Hibiscus seed extract), Vitamin E, Aloe Vera.

I use this balm on a regular basis and it always hydrates my skin, I also feel an instant firming effect on my skin and it sits beautifully over serums and oils.

Plasma 27:
I love incorporating a sheet mask into my routine, especially when I have an event on they really help to hydrate and give my skin a glow. The latest addition to my always growing collection is the Plasma 27 sheet mask which contains the ranges signature ingredient Centella Asiatica Extract which works to regenerate and stimulate the skin, Proline is an amino acid in the skin tissues peptide structure, which works to reinforce the skins structure.

When I first used this mask the thing that I liked the most was how well it adheres to the skin and seemed to fit my face perfectly, it was also nice how it had an extra section for the neck as I always like to continue my skincare products down the neck as well. The mask also contains Bisabolol, Lettuce/Lemon Balm and Distilled Water which work as an anti stress agent for the skin.

After using this mask I noticed that my skin felt a lot brighter and as the day went along I noticed how bright and even toned my skin was, I put mine on after I had exfoliated my skin and just blotted off any excess with a tissue and followed up with my treatment products and even my makeup applied beautifully after using the product.

Eyes 27 (Sample):
Like the previous product this was a sample size but I thought I would include it because for me personally I felt an instant effect after just one use, my eye area felt lifted and I felt an extra dose of hydration in that area. The cream helps to lighten dark circles and works as a complete anti ageing cream for the under eye area. 

Ingedient List:
Centella Asiatica extracts (Patented MA2 complex), Hibiscus extract, White Tea Extract, Black Coffee Extract, White Tea Extract, Buckwheat Extract, Kombucha Extract, Ground Ivy, Hyaluronic acid, natural squalane (from olive trees), Lemon Balm Distilled Water, Lettuce Distilled Water

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