Regular readers of my site will know that I'm obsessed with professional grade skincare products so when I was contacted by the team at Delmedica to try their range of products I happily said yes and have been adding the products into my routine for the past few weeks.

There are three products in the line up that work to Cleanse, Revitalise and Restore the complexion, let's walk through the products in the lineup...

Step 1: Surface & Deep Pore Cleanser:
This is a lightly foaming gel cleanser that contains Beta-Hydroxy Acids (BHA) that work to gently exfoliate the skin through chemical exfoliation, dissolving dead skin cells and removing dirt and impurities from the skin. Using an exfoliating cleanser is a great start to an anti-ageing skincare routine as it deeply cleanses the pores allowing for better absorption of products that follow.

My Experience: For my skin the cleanser was quite gentle with a non offensive fragrance, I got a deep cleanse from it and like the fact that it had the BHA's in there which gave my skin a nice exfoliation. I would use this in the morning as a first cleanse or at night as a second cleanse after makeup removal.

Step 2: Skin Resurfacing and Brightening Peel:
This product comes in the form of pre soaked cotton towelettes that you swipe over your skin (Avoiding the eye area) after cleansing and work to exfoliate the skin through chemical exfoliation. These particular pads contain Five-Acid, Arginine, Rooibos and Glutamine. It's main exfoliating acids are Glycolic, Trichloroacetic, Mandelic, Malic, Citric and Gamma (Linolenic) Acid.

My Experience: The pads are recommended to be left on the skin for 1 minute or less and then rinsed off the skin with cool water, I felt quite a lot of tingling with this product and had to rinse it off after around 30 seconds, now I will also say that everyones skin is different so depending on how your skin reacts to the product then you be the judge how long the product is left on for, I personally wouldn't leave it on longer than one minute though, I also liked to use a hydrating spray on top to calm my skin. After using the pads my skin did build up abit of a tolerance to the pads, but like I said and I can't stress this enough that everyones skin is different and reacts to things differently, My skin is reasonably tolerant as I have regular in salon peels, I will continue to use the peels and see how my skin goes with them. I would use these a couple times week as a deep anti ageing treatment product.

Step 3: Hydration and Anti-Wrinkle Cream:
The last step in your anti ageing routine, the thing I love most about this product is how refreshing it is on the skin, and after using quite active products it's nice to finish with a light hydrating refreshing lotion to top everything off. This cream contains Aloe Vera Gel which helps to soothe and calm the skin, Hyaluronic Acid helps to add hydration, Green Tea gives your skin an antioxidant hit, Cucumber cools and refreshes, and Chamomile calms and soothes inflammation.

My Experience: Like I said earlier the the thing I love most about this product is how refreshing it is, especially when kept in the fridge! In my opinion it's the perfect cream to use in the warmer months as it contains ingredients that calm and soothe the skin. I really like using this as the final step in my anti ageing routine as it's just a nice way to soothe and balance everything out.

Quick Disclaimer: When using professional grade and exfoliating products it's really important that use a SPF of at least 30 everyday no matter what the weather to make sure that your skin is protected from the elements, but also will prevent further damage.

For more information on Delmedica products Click Here.

*This post is a sponsored post but all of the opinions are my own, I tried the products personally and these are my honest opinions.

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