• The skincare masterminds at Elizabeth Arden have just launched a Booster that lends itself to an entire new category in your skincare routine which is truly beneficial for the skin. Titled ELIZABETH ARDEN SUPERSTART SKIN RENEWAL BOOSTER, this innovative new product helps to boost your skin's own natural defences and its natural ability to renew itself... 

    Superstart is lightweight in its consistency and helps to maintain optimal skin health by working holistically to improve the healthy appearance of skin’s surface layer making way for more even toned, radiant skin especially when combined with the Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE and CERAMIDE products. 

    When used in tandem with Elizabeth Arden Prevage and Ceramide Products, SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster is proven to increase the effectiveness by supporting: 

    Skin’s natural collagen by up to 5x 
    · Skin’s natural elastin by up to 9x 
    · Skin’s natural hydration by up to 25x 

    Our skins natural renewal process can sometimes be compromised by environmental aggressors which is why we need a product like this to help it renew and maintain optimal skin health. Superstart contains a Probiotic Complex which nourishes and smooths the skin and also optimizes the skin's natural microflora and it's defences, Sea Fennel enhances surface skin cell renewal to boost luminosity, it also helps to smooth your skin and help fend off environmental assaults, Flaxseed Extract helps reinforce the skin's barrier and encourages it to sustain optimal lipid levels, Glasswort Extract boosts skin's natural moisturization levels and reducing water loss. 

    Superstart contains a unique probiotic complex which helps to support the skin's natural microflora which in turn will help it strengthen its own natural defences, you could almost think of it like taking a probiotic for your body. 

    SUPERSTART Delivers Proven Results: 

    · 92% of women agreed skin looks and feels smoother** · 86% of women saw more radiant skin** · 83% of women said skin felt hydrated and comforted§ · 77% of women with sensitive skin agree that using SUPERSTART makes their skin feel less sensitive†. 
    (**Based on US home use test with 159 women 25‐59 years of age after 8 weeks§ Based on a US home use test with 160 women 25‐59 years of age after 4 weeks) 

    I have been using the Superstart Skin Renewal Booster consistently for a few weeks now and have seen a noticeable difference in how my skin looks and feels and I look forward to seeing continued results. 

    The product is best followed up with your favourite Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE or Ceramide Serum and Moisturiser and easily incorporates into any skincare routine, The Booster will enhance the efficacy of any product you use after its application as the product will be able to penetrate properly.

    For more information and your nearest stockist Click Here.

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