Rescu Me! By Bahar Etminan.

Im so lucky to be in an industry where everyone supports and encourages each other, Bahar is one of those women who inspires others and really celebrates the entrepreneur. She has just launched a book titled Rescu Me! The Make Over Guide For A More Fabulous Life.

The book doesn't necessarily want the reader to change completely but wants to show people how to add abit more fabulous into their lives, and let's be honest we all want abit more fabulousness in our lives. The book has various chapters on health, relationships, wellbeing, finances, career, fashion and beauty. It's kind of a one stop shop book for all things beauty and lifestyle, definitely one for the beauty aficionados.

“I don’t believe that we women are broken.... I believe that the woman who picks up this book (you) has a strong sense of self, and is already wonderful in very many ways. I also know that every one of our lives is made up of moving parts that we can polish to dial up the fabulous.” - Bahar Etminan.

The book contains real life make over stories and also an insight into Bahar's favourite beauty products, I can spot a few of my favourites in their too! The thing I love most about Bahar and this book is that she really does practice what she preaches, she is a businesswoman and mother who knows the importance on getting things done quickly but efficiently, I consider this book like a bible on how to live a fabulous life no matter what situation you are in.

“Self improvement is a lifelong journey. It can be exciting, it can be difficult, it can be emotionally draining but so much better than becoming stagnant or living with what holds you back. Bahar and her team can be a light to smooth the way. Use the advice to make your life what you want it to be.” - Kerri-Ann Kennerley

The book also hosts an array of experts in their field such as Anthony Bell, a wealth building financial advisor to the stars, Dr Karen Phillip, relationships counsellor and hypnotherapist and Michael Brown  makeup maestro. 

Rescu Me! is available for purchase from Harlequin Books Click Here to purchase the book.

Bahar is the editor and founder of RESCU, an online magazine and community of experts that share news, ideas and how to's on all things beauty and lifestyle.


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