A few days ago I was invited to experience a facial treatment at HÜD Skin + Body in St Kilda, my therapist Lucy really took the time out to see what was going on with my skin at the time and in doing so deciphered the best treatment for me.

She decided on a Lactic Acid Peel, Lactic Acid is a chemical exfoliant that helps to chemically dissolve dead skin cells as opposed to a mechanical exfoliant which uses grains or beads to manually slough them away.

I am a fan of Lactic Acid myself so to have a peel with it was an extra treat for my skin, after the peel Lucy used a purifying mask on me to help with oil control and breakouts.

Lucy also did some extractions on my nose and on some blemishes, she used a solution that helps to loosen blackheads and to be honest the process had little to no pain at all.

After the treatment I had a quick look in the mirror and my skin was radiant, I also noticed that alot of my redness had gone down, bonus! My skin has continued to glow days after the treatment and I'm looking forward to going in more more treatments in the future.

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