1. Anti - Dandruff Shampoo:
Cleanses the hair whilst rebalancing it, with regular use will help reduce flakiness. Contains a RechargeComplex which is a combination of Guarana and Caffeine as well as an Instant Microfluid Technology.

2. Thickening Shampoo:
A gentle cleansing shampoo that helps to add body and volume to the hair.

3. Hair and Body Shampoo:
Cleanses the body and hair whilst adding moisture and maintaing optimal health.

4. Activating Scalp Tonic:
A leave in treatment that works to give you stronger and healthier hair, massage in and either blow dry or let air dry.

5. Styling Power Gel:
Alcohol free styling gel that lets you create your desired look.

6. Dry Styling Wax:
A dry wax that can be used to keep the hair in place, I like rubbing this in-between my hands to warm the product up then apply, for me it lasts all day and still lets me move my hair around.

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