As a beauty editor I'm always getting invited to have facial treatments done to include my experience on the site, No matter how many treatments I have done I always get excited by them, Im always interested to see how different therapists perceive my skin and what treatments they recommend.

This time my therapist viewed my skin on a computer that takes photos of your skin at various angles and shows you what is going on with your skin and gives your therapist tailored advice on what to do. My therapist recommended I have a benefit peel from Cosmedix, I actually use quite a lot of Cosmedix products in my routine already so this treatment was going to help boost the effects of my home care products.

The peel was one of their benefit peels which contains Vitamins A & C, Vitamin A is a great anti ageing ingredient that helps to renew the skin and Vitamin C works at brightening and maintaing skin health. She started off with a gentle cleanser then continued on with the peel and finished with the Multi B Serum from Aspect.

My skin had a definite glow to it after the treatment and I continued to see the results from there on.

*Disclaimer: I have peels regularly so my skin is quite used to them, if you are considering getting one done I would recommend talking to a beauty therapist and discussing the best options for yourself.

I would highly recommend the skin boutique to anyone living or visiting the Melbourne area.

For more information on the skin boutique Click Here.

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