Enosis Spa.

The team at Enosis Spa have been big supporters of my site for a while now and we finally got the chance to meet at an event a few weeks back and they invited me over for a facial. Omveda is brand that I have heard of before but never really tried before so I was excited to try the line.

Lauren my therapist was an absolute gem and she used a variety of Omveda products, when you have a facial with the products you fill out a Dosha questionnaire which determines what your skin type is and what it needs, and deciphers what products your therapist uses on your skin.

My therapist Lauren used: (All products Omveda)

Omveda Walnut Scrub
Omveda Sandalwood Cleanser
Omveda Pimple Clear
Omveda Pearl Cream
Omveda Eye Cream
Omveda Seaweed Gel
Omveda Pearl Mask

The whole treatment was aimed to make you relaxed and I definitely was afterwards, I also stayed in the sauna for twenty minutes which helps to eliminate toxins and help you relax even further.

The team are absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend them.

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