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Ettica Makeup Box.

As a guy I don't really have that much makeup, I have a lot of base products but I don't have anything in regards to eye makeup or anything like that but I am obsessed with base products, and lately I have been loving lip and cheek products as well. I like to keep all of my products organised as I hate having them just lying around, I like to know exactly where they are.

I recently received one of the Ettica Makeup Boxes and I have to say I'm very impressed, I have had makeup storage boxes before but there always abit tricky because not all bottles and tubes are the same size and sometimes some don't fit or are a tight squeeze and end up breaking the box.

When I received my Ettica Makeup Box I put all my makeup in and every single product I had fit in perfectly which was a bonus, now I have a storage unit that houses all my makeup and I actually feel like I'm winning at life.

I organise mine by having primer and liquid foundations that I use regularly in the first draw, then in the next draw I keep bb and cc creams, then compact powders and concealers, then cheek products. The bottom draw is quite large so I keep my La Prairie Loose Powder in it and some foundations that I use for special occasions.

When I received the box it also came with what I imagine would be a lipstick hold but I actually keep my brushes and my concealer pens and brown product in it and they fit perfectly.

It also came with a separate piece which I'm going to add extra brushes and some skincare products too.

All in all I would highly recommend this cube to anyone who wants to have their makeup perfectly organised.

*Ettica have offerend a discount code to my readers offering them 10% off, go to their website and add the code SIMON10 to receive your discount.


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