It's no secret that I love a flawless base, Im pretty happy with my skin to be honest but I do always like to have some sort of complexion product on not to cover but just to enhance. Max Factor is one of my favourite drugstore brands, the products are always the highest of quality and I'm always excited to see what they bring out.

Continue reading to hear my tips on achieving a flawless base...

1. Primer:

If you want your makeup to last all day then you need a primer, a primer is also great because it forms a barrier between your skin and the makeup your wearing and for me personally it stops me from getting as many breakouts, it's also good to use one that contains an SPF which is an easy way to incorporate sun protection into your routine.
Product recommendation: Max Factor FACEFINITY all day primer SPF20.

2. Base:

During the day I prefer more of a CC cream, for those who don't know what a CC cream is it's essentially a tint with skincare benefits and sunscreen protection. During the day I feel like I only need a nice base and I like one that contains skincare benefits.
Product recommendation: Max Factor CC colour correcting cream.

3. Conceal:

After you have applied your CC cream you can then decipher if you need to conceal or not, for me personally CC cream covers any redness or blemishes but I need to conceal my under eyes as they get quite dark but everyones different so you can tailor it to your skin.
Product recommendation: Max Factor master touch under eye concealer.

4. Powder, the finishing touch:

I have oily skin so I always need to powder my foundation to help it stay on all day, powder to me is the finishing touch to any makeup application it just makes everything come together. Even if you have a drier skin type you can powder under the eyes around the eyes for the flawless base that we all want.
Product recommendation: Max Factor creme puff pressed powder.

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