Kiehl's is a brand that I have used and loved for years now, it's a brand that just does what it says on the packet and works. The thing I love most about the brand is that it comes in unisex packaging which makes it the ideal gift for fathers day.

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Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream:
I personally have more of an oilier skin type, but I can sometimes suffer from abit of dehydration which is a lack of water so I look for products that hydrate but are still quite lightweight on the skin that's where this cream comes into play it contains ingredients that will help to lock in moisture but remains lightweight instantly absorbing into the skin without any greasy residue.

Eye Alert:
Every man needs an eye cream in their routine, this one from kiehl's contains vitamin e and caffeine to energise the under eye area generally make you look less tired. I find this one to be quite cooling which makes it perfect to apply in the morning to perk you up.

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