The ultra calming range from Dermalogica is one of my personal favourite ranges in the lineup, I have quite pale skin so it does show the signs of sensitivity like redness and freckling. There are times when my skin can be normal and there are times when it can become prone to sensitivity and I really need to watch what products I'm using.

I was first introduced to the line a couple of years ago when my skin had an allergic reaction to something, my face was bright red and was painful to the touch, I was recommended to try the Ultra Calming Serum Concentrate I used it that night and every form of sensitivity that I had on my skin was reduced dramatically by the next morning.

And then my love affair with the cleanser and toner started, you all know I'm a fan of a gentle cleanser, I believe that a cleanser should be there to gently the cleanse the skin and not aggravate it in anyway, the Ultra Calming Cleanser contains soothing ingredients like lavender to soothe any irritation.

The corresponding mist is a nice addition, just mist over your face in the standard toner stage of your skincare routine, I also like to mist this on top of makeup to make powder look less cakey, works really well after shaving as well.

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