A few weeks ago I was invited to experience Scünci's latest hair innovation "BRUSHOLOGY" at Edwards and Co in Surry Hills, Bonnie from Oz Beauty Expert (To visit her site Click Here.) who is a well known blogger who I'm honoured now to call a friend, was the host for the event and as the media walked in she gave us a brief run-through on all the looks that can be created with the brushes.

You were offered a hair cleanse and condition and then you could choose what style you preferred with one of the stylists on hand, I have quite thick and wavy hair which I like to wear to one side so I opted to get it straightened and just slicked to the side, I was really happy with the end results and the brushes felt amazing.

The brand has an amazing lineup with something for everyone, they believe that fantastic hair needs the correct preparation using the correct styling tools, and the brushes start at $5.95 so really accessible and a great price for the quality. The brushes have been designed with rubberised handles which means they slip out of your hands and make it easier to create your desired look.

Let's walk through the collection...

Prepare consists of: Detangling Comb, Vent Brush, Dry Shampoo Brush, Wet Brush Paddle.

Style consists of: Style Straightening Brush, Style Cushion Brush, Style Volume Brush Medium, Style Brush Large.


Finish consists of: Backcomb Brush, Thick Hair Brush, Long Hair Brush, Paddle Brush.

To find out more about Scünci Click Here.


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