Cleaning your makeup brushes can be a chore for most people, I actually find it quite therapeutic and it's amazing how much makeup that actually gets stored in the brush. It's important to wash your brushes thoroughly at least once a week or once every two weeks as this will help to ensure theres no nasty bacteria or excess makeup in your brushes.

Sigma has launched a brush cleaning glove that contains 7 patented textures to be used in conduction with both eye and face brushes.

1. Place mat in the up right position on your sink and secure the suction cups into place for a sturdy grip.
2. Wet your brushes and wet the face or eye side, add some cleaning solution and swirl the brush on the appropriate side to begin cleaning.
3. Rinse each side and rinse brush under water to remove any residue.
4. If you wish you can repeat the process for a deeper clean.
5. Gently squeeze brush head to remove excsess water.

When drying your brushes it's important to have them leaning over a surface so that none of the water travels down to the funnel, then the water will melt the glue that holds the bristles dry, always let them air dry.

When recieving the glove I also recieved the 3DHD brush which is amazing at applying foundation, its on an angle which makes it perfect to get around the nose and eyes. I have really been enjoying it for liquid foundation.

For more information on Sigma Click Here.

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