Brand Focus: Cosmedix.

Because there are times when only medical grade skincare will do Cosmedix comes to the rescue, I started this blog a year ago with a slight knowledge of medical grade skincare but as my site (and myself for that matter) has grown I have learnt a lot more, and I'm hooked!

Cosmedix is probably one of the most well known medical grade skincare lines on the market, the product use only the highest quality ingredients, and actually make a difference to how your skin looks.

Let's walk through my favourites...

Purity Clean:
A lactic acid based cleanser that will gently exfoliate the skin renewing the cells and allowing for better product absorption, also contains peppermint to give you abit of a pep up.

Simply Brilliant:
We all know how much I love a brightening serum, this one contains ingredients that will brighten the complexion with gentle exfoliation and a dose of antioxidants.

Serum 16:
A retinol based serum that helps your skin to renew itself, retinol goes deep down to anti age the skin and make a difference to how your skin looks and feels, my skin always looks glowing in the morning when I use this serum, always make sure to only use retinol at night and always use a sunscreen in the morning whilst using a retinol product.

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