Bioderma Atoderm Preventive and Atoderm Intesive.

In Australia I know from my friends and readers that they suffer from dermatitis, dermatitis is apparent because of low production of epidermal compounds which causes redness, flakiness and makes the skin itchy and uncomfortable.

French Pharmacy brand Bioderma has launched two new products into their already amazing line up called Atoderm Preventive and Atoderm Intesive which help to resolve dry skin issues for babies, children and adults. French skincare products are usually tailored for a more sensitised skin type and contains soothing ingredients to help all skin conditions.

Atoderm Preventive: Starts working at the start of the dermatitis cycle and then Atoderm Intesive: 
is to be used during flare ups and daily to maintain results. The products contains a Skin Barrier Therapy that will block the dermatitis from forming, which in turn will limit the allergens, inflammation, adhesion and bacterial function.

In Australia Bioderma is available at Priceline and selected pharmacies.

For more information on Bioderma Click Here.

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