Dermalogica Bio Surface Peel: Week 4.

Dermalogica has been a brand that has been in my personal routine for over ten years now, I was    invited to visit their head office in Melbourne for a course of four Bio Surface Peel treatments.

Step 1:
Prep Solution: Preps your skin for the peel, helps to dissolve dead skin to help better absorption of future products that will be applied next.
Step 2:
Enzyme Active: Enzymes begging the peeling process.
(And don't threat, you won't look like Samantha from sex and the city, peels have come along way since then)
Step 3:  
Acid Active: Deeply exfoliates the skin.
Step 4:
De-Celerator: Helps to neutralize the peel and calm the skin.

You are given a at home kit that you are supposed to use for three days after your treatment, just to make sure your not interfering with the peel.
The kit includes:
Ultracalming Cleanser.
Intensive Moisture Balance.
Barrier Repair.
Super Sensitive Shield.
Multivitamin Thermofoliant. (Which is to be used three days after treatment)

Week 4 (26/5/15) This was my final treatment, we went for a five layer peel. Lisa used a machine that incorporated electrical currents which helped the peel deliver deeper into the skin. Like all the treatments my skin has been glowing and redness is reduced dramatically. 

For more information on Dermalogica you can go to:


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