Brand Focus: Valeur Absolue.

I met up with the team at Elizabeth Arden a few weeks ago, and we had a really good chat about our love for fragrance, I love how fragrance can evoke memories and seriously guys I wouldn't go the the mailbox without fragrance on, it's just not happening.

The Valeur Fragrances are something special, the creators wanted to create a luxurious line of fragrances that also helped to lift the mood of the wearer, Perfume to me always lifts my mood but these fragrances actually contains stones and ingredients that help to lift your mood even further.

My personal favourite of the line is Confiance which contains notes of bourbon vanilla and cedar wood, I like unusual fragrances and whenever I wear this one I get compliments which is always nice. This particular scent contains calcium and potassium which helps to keep you balanced, so you can smell amazing and remain balanced, perfection.

Other favourites in the line include:

Joie - Eclat: A citrus and jasmine infusion which I'm looking forward to wearing the the summertime or in winter when I need to remind myself of summer, it contains Manganese and Potassium to give you serenity, and let's be honest there are always times when we can do with a bit of serenity.

Harmonie: Contains bergamont and orange peel to remind you of the sicilian sea side, it contains Areaumat Perpetua which helps to release endorphins.

Sensualit√©: Contains rose and jasmine to give you a nice floral hit, it contains Areaumat Perpetua which helps to release endorphins.

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