Ultraceuticals is a high end australian cosmeceutical line that prides itself on quality ingredients, and fast results. I know that everyones skin is different but I personally saw a difference in my skin overnight. I can thank olivier and the team enough for all there ongoing support, and hopefully you all go out and buy the range I could not recommend it enough. 

Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser: A foaming cleanser suitable for oily or blemish prone skin types, contains lactic acid which is great for dissolving dead skin cells chemically as aposed to a mechanical scrub which is abit more harsh on the skin, It also contains salicylic acid which is amazing at keeping pores clean. A great cleanser to keep in the shower.

Even Skintone Serum: Two the three drops morning and night after toner and before sunscreen and mosturizer, evens out skintone and leaves a radiant finish. Helps with sun spots and uneven tone.

Protective Daily Mosturizer Spf 30+ Mattifying: Here at the skincare obsessive we love anything with sunscreen, especially when it comes in a easy to use tube, and leaves skin matte with no greasy residue, tick tick tick.

Dermaroller: The derma roller is a device that aims to resurface the skin aswell as increase collagen. To use you double cleanse your face, the work the device in star rotations all over the face. You must wear sunscreen in conjunction and follow with a hydrating moisturiser.

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