Synergie Skin EnLighten Skin Brightening Serum.

Im sure you have all heard me ramble on about serums at one stage or another, but they really are the most important part of your routine, they are normally thinner in consistency than a moisturiser therefor they absorb into the skin more rapidly and deliver anti oxidants and nutrients into the skin.

For those who know me know that I'm quite pale and living in Australia we are all exposed to our harsh sun, therefor I suffer from pigmentation, obviously I wear sunscreen every single day and use products to calm it down but it’s just one of those things that will always be there.

In my personal skincare routine I like to mix up my products, but if you look closely I tend to use the same type of products (i.e: brightening serums, vitamin c, retinol) probably the most important part of my routine is some sort of brightening product.

I have been trailing the Synergie Skin EnLighten Skin Brightening Serum for the past few weeks now and have noticed a difference in my skin, it is a lot brighter and I do notice a reduction in dark spots, of course it’s best to use any sort of brightening serum with sunscreen rain, hail or shine to protect your skin from darkening in the future.

The serum contains ingredients that help to slow down the production of melanin which therefor reduces pigment on the skin, it also has quite a peppermint fragrance to it which is quite nice when used in the morning.

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