Synergie Skin Masquerase Anti - Aging Mask.

I think that masks are really over looked in skincare routines, they can really help products to absorb better and even help makeup to stay on longer. I try to do a couple of masks a week and I remember a few weeks back I forgot to do one and noticed that my makeup wasn't lasting as well so it just goes to show the power of a good face mask.

There are all types of different masks, purifying, exfoliating, hydrating and so on, the Synergie Skin Masquerase Anti - Aging Mask to me fits into the moisturising sector of masks, and is jam packed with anti aging benefits.

First of all the product comes in my personal favourite packaging, an airless pump which means no contaminating pots or bottles, the product itself is amazing too, when I first received it I was organising my beauty cupboard (which lets be honest can take a while hashtag beauty blogger problems) and I thought ill leave it on for half an hour or so while I'm organising my cupboard, it felt really nice on the skin, not to drying but you could still feel that it was doing something. After I rinsed the mask off I noticed an immediate difference in my skin, it was brighter and smoother, and we love that.

The mask contains:


Manuka Honey (Anti Bacterial)

Niacinamide (Anti Aging)

Oat Beta Glucan

Bisabolol Allantoin

Hyaluronic Acid (Hydrating)

Collodia Oatmeal (Soothing)

Shea Butter (Moisturising)

Calendula Oil (Soothing)

To apply an even layer pump the jar three times and apply all over your face and neck, I would probably avoid the eye area in this case. The mask works best when left on for 30 minutes and can be left on for up to 6 hours.

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