BRAND FOCUS: Sanctuary Spa.

Sanctuary Spa is a spa located in Covent Garden, London. The spa was created by a man and his wife and they wanted to create a place filled with tranquility and well being, they have their own skincare line which in my opinion is super affordable but the products have the only the highest quality of ingredients...

Therapist's Secret Facial Oil:

Regular readers of the blog are probably sick of me rambling on about oils but they really are an important step in any routine, no matter what your skin type is. Your skin produces to much oil because of lack of oil, therefore in over compensates, when you add an oil to your face it balances that overcompensation out. This oil contains sunflower, jojoba and wheatgerm oil as well as rose hip and frankincense to calm the skin of irritation.

Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Lotion:

First of all it smells amazing, we had a lemon tree in my backyard growing up and it smells exactly of that. It contains lemon seed oil and shea butter to deeply moisturise the skin.

Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Scrub:

I love this scrub, I apply it to my loofah and use it like a body wash it doesn't instantly fall off the skin either like most scrubs do, it's not to harsh either and foams up nicely, perfectly complemented with the matching body lotion.

Sanctuary SPA Skincare Products are available at Priceline stores nationwide.

For more information on the brand you can go to www.


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