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Lancôme believe that we should be choosing our skincare products based on the seasons, our lifestyles and obviously our skin type / concern. One of their most famous products Renergie Multi Lift is now available in three textures: 

Light Cream
Rich Cream

So no matter what your skin type, wether it be dry or more on the oily side there will be the perfect formula for you. I love Lancôme's philosophy with skincare they aim to make the person who uses their products stronger and more confident with a more youthful appearance.

For the new cream Lancôme has created an exclusive technology called [Up-Cohésion]TM which is a combination of active ingredients under extreme conditions of simulated microgravity. We all know that skin loses fir mess as we age (I know, sad face) and especially after the age of 40 the loss is around 10% per decade, this new cream aims to:

Reinforce the fibroblasts cytoskeleton
Restructure the dermal matrix
Reinforce the cell-matrix attachment structures

Long story short, the cream will help to firm the skin and help it to look lifted and younger than ever, and let's be honest we all want to look lifted heck I'm 24 and I wouldn't mind abit of a lift.

The cream contains the signature fragrance of:


And I know you don't necessarily need a cream to smell good, but it all adds to that luxurious feeling of a cream.

Wrinkles, firmness and contours:
This cream targets them all, I would like five jars, thanks.

A two minute technique for a lifting effect:

(And we all know I love a lift)

Applying gentle pressure with both hands, make upward movements from the middle of your chin along the outline of the face and under the jaw to the bottom of the ears. Execute six movements alternating between the two hands.

Continue with the same movements firmly smoothing from the chin, along the outline of the face, following the outline of the face up to the ear. Then from the upper lip to the top of the ear. Then from the cheekbones to the temples. Execute six movements alternating between the two hands on every outlines.

Begin the technique with more strength at the outer corner of the eyebrow and make small movements, alternating between the two hands, moving up perpendicularly over the forehead to the hairline. Repeat this step three times. Then carry out a second and third cycle, starting from the middle and then the inner corner of the brow.

RENERGIE MULTI-LIFT CREME /  RRP $145 / Myer and David Jones Nationwide.

*Image provided by Lancome
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