SK-II Facial Treatment Masks.

I love a good face mask, wether it be exfoliating, hydrating or purifying I just think they are an essential part of any routine. I especially like to use them before a big event, but sometimes I don't want something to purifying before an event because that can bring everything to the surface so I tend to focus on more hydrating or brightening masks before any big events.

That's where the Facial Treatment Masks from SK-II come into play, they are cotton masks that are soaked in the brands signature ingredient Pitera which is a superstar anti ager and works to deeply hydrate the skin and leave it with a glow.

I like to let this mask soak into my skin for as long as possible before an event, or sometimes I let the serum soak in overnight and like the eye masks I never wash them off I just tissue off any excess and then apply make up like normal.

I always notice a glow to my skin when using this mask, and I do feel sorry for my future husband who has to see me wearing a cloth mask in the future, but hey it's worth it for the glowing complexion ill have right?

SK-II Facial Treatment Masks / RRP: $140 / Six Sachets.

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