Zecca Nia.

Zecca is a cosmeceutical clinic located in Alexandria, Sydney that offers completely non invasive treatments. The staff there are amazing aswell, they are so welcoming and knowledgable about all things to do with beauty.

They have their own line of cosmeceutical skincare products which you all know I love, and when I was given a chance to try some of the products I was amazed at the quality and the effeciency of the products.

They have a serum called Nia Serum which contains Niacidamide which aims to strengthen the skins natural barrier, I call it a pre serum for beauty junkies, what I mean by that is I would apply this say instead of a toner and know that it is doing my skin some good and it’s the perfect base for their brightening serum used inconjunction with sunscreen.

For more information about Zecca you can go to http://www.zecca.com.au

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