Aspect Pigment Punch.

Aspect skincare is a high end cosmeceutical line of skincare that is only sold in leading skin clinics. The line consists of cleansers, serums and moisturisers and aims to maintain the results of a treatment at home.

My biggest skin concern is pigmentation, I get pigmentation in the form of dark freckling under my eye area, and also some pesky blemish marks around my jawline which is due to shaving, I do obviously cover this with make up but it’s just one of those things that lowers my self esteem and makes me want to always cover it up, so I made it my life mission to diminish my pigmentation issues.

I have been lucky enough through beauty blogging that I have had the chance to have peels, intense pulse light treatments, heatlites etc done to help counteract it but unless your using at home skincare and wearing sun protection you will just go back to where you started.

That’s where Pigment Punch from Aspect comes into play, a lightweight serum that absorbs into the skin instantly and aims to diminish all the signs of pigmentation like sun spots, uneven skintone, blemish marks, freckling etc. The people behind aspect have found an extraction og Rumex Occidentalis which is a native plant to Canade that aims to lighten and brighten the complexion without the use of harsh chemicals that cause sensitivity. They created a patent called Tyrostat, their studies showed that just 3% Tyrostat applied topicaly can reduce the affects of pigmentation by 25% in 6 weeks, I personaly noticed a difference in my skin from the first use, my skin defintley looked alot brighter. Pigment Punch actually contains 10% Tyrostat and a cocktail of antioxidants to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

When you are using cosmeceutical skincare, and pigment clearing skincare for that matter it is super important that you use and SPF of at least 30 every day so you are protecting your skin and not causing further damage.

Aspect products are sold in Sydney’s leading skincare clinc, The Clinic Bondi Junction
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