La Prairie Essence Of Skin Caviar Eye Complex With Caviar Extracts.

I am in love with an eye serum, yes an eye serum. I don’t think anyone can ever truly understand my love for skincare products and eye creams/serums tend to be my favourite part of my routine.

The skin caviar eye complex from La Prairie is just beautiful, there’s no other way to describe it. It comes out in a dropper and you literally need one tiny drop of product for both eyes, you can use an eye cream on top or just wear it by itself but I like using it under my normal eye cream, and im pretty tempted now to purchase a La Prairie eye cream, there goes my pay cheque.

Just wanted to let you guys know aswell that I did purchase this with my own money.

The website says that it is like a mini eye lift and I couldnt of explained it better, although it is quite thin in consistency it is super hydrating and does give your eye area abit of a lift and actually helps any sort of concealer or makeup you put on top last longer. I have also realised that it seems to supercharge any eye cream that you put ontop of it. It contains La Prairie’s signature Skin Caviar complex and I know for sure I will be using this in the future years to come.

For more information and to fall in love with the line you can go to

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