L’Occitane Divine Immortelle.

Divine Immortelle from french powerhouse brand L’Occitane is a beautiful line, it contains a botanical 7 booster complex and harnesses the magic of nature to give your skin the ultimate power to anti age itself. The products in the collection aim to lift and firm the skin, and getting rid of any nasty brown spots or pigmentation you may have, we all know how harsh the australian sun and what effects it has on the skin, and this line aims to reverse that. Today I am going to talk about the Immortelle Divine Lotion, Divine Youth Oil and the Divine Cream.

Immortelle Divine Lotion: This would be used in the traditional toning step after cleansing, but this beautiful rich lotion is not just used to remove last traces of cleanser, it is full of anti ageing benefits for your skin and beautifully prepares skin for treatments that follow. Aims to brighten the skin, and keep it looking firm and radiant, goes on after your cleanser with a cotton pad then follow with the recommended serum and moisturiser, can be used day and night.

Divine Youth Oil: I think that oils are the most unused beauty product, but they work so well, people with oily skin automaticaly think that adding oil to the skin is a no no but infact when your skin produces oil it produces it because your skin hasn’t got enough oil so when you add oil to your face it inturn balances out oil production. This oil goes on after your toner and before your moisturiser and aims to plump the skin, and take care of any fine lines and leaves your skin more and more radiant with continuous use.

Divine Cream: This is a luxurious rich cream that can be used day or night and is the perfect finish to any skincare routine, especially

inconjuction with the Divine Youth Oil putting those two together is literally like a dream. This product aims to regenrate the skin and is packed full of anti ageing benefits to help your skin fight the signs of ageing, aims to diminish the mains signs of agening fine lines and pigmentation.

For more information you can go to au.loccitane.com

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