Thalgo Men Deep-Cleansing Scrub.

I think it’s safe to say as a guy I have a terrible time shaving, I normally break out into a rash and I try to use whatever I have in my skincare arsenal to get it to go away, but if you don’t have this issue you are very very lucky.

I always think it’s best to do a face scrub before you shave just to deeply clean out your pores so you don’t get any ingrown hairs, and make way for a smoother surface. This scrub from Thalgo is amazing, it smells quite strong like peppermint or eucalyptus but to me that feels like im giving my skin a good cleanse, and it contains tiny beads that scrub the skin to make way for a smoother shaving surface.

Perfect for any guy out there who has problems with shaving, and is after a good face scrub, quite masculine packaging and fragrance aswell.

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